Quality Assurance


At Enago, we take pride in providing superior editing services and delivering quality par excellence.

Enago’s Quality Team is driven by professional academic experts who understand customer needs, constantly review processes, and adopt innovate practices to surpass current industry standards. We impart the same values to our editing staff through our extensive training and quality check programs.


While ISO guarantees the quality of our services at a process level, we have an editing quality management system in place to manage the quality standards of the edited document.

Before Editing

Quality check of every document before delivery


After Editing

Quality assurance through checking of a statistically significant sample of the whole text to ensure that company standards are met

As there are no standards in the editing industry to judge the quality of the edited text, we have developed an in-house Quality Assurance (QA) model adapted from the LISA QA model, which is used by translation giants around the world. In our QA model, we determine defects in the edited output by considering the international standards for both journal publication and service description. Using the quality score of each document, we grade our editors on a percentage scale, and only editors who consistently cross a threshold of 95% are assigned editorial assignments.

Quality Guarantee

We focus on providing consistent and good quality for every assignment and take client complaints seriously. We guarantee that the quality of the edited document will be of international standards. In case a client feels that the editing is not in line with the service definition or has received unfavorable reviewer comments on the language quality, he/she can approach our complaint resolution team. The process for complaint resolution is as follows:

STEP 1 Client registers complaint online
STEP 2 Reviewer comments and document submitted to journal are analyzed
STEP 3 Based on the service chosen, we count the errors found and arrive at the quality score
STEP 4 Based on the results, corrective action is taken: Free Reediting/ Discount/ No Action
STEP 5 Preventive action is implemented and monitored as per ISO standards

Our Quality System: Our Quality System

Average 0.45% quality complaints till today


60% continue to use our service

The data is inclusive of all kinds of documents received for Journal Submissions, Conferences, Dissertations, Grant Applications etc.

What Happens If You Are Unhappy with Our Quality?

The following process is meant for authors who are not satisfied with the quality of editing:

Step 1
Please raise a complaint with our quality department by an e-mail.

Step 2
An immediate enquiry is done for the complaints we receive. The quality checkers check and determine the validity of the complaints by considering each and every possibility.

Step 3
The result of the quality check is shared with you. In case of a valid complaint, i.e., an error from Enago, we take immediate action at three levels:

Level 1: According to the complaint, one of the following options is offered:

a. Free re-editingb. Offer discountc. Total refund

Level 2: Correction at the editors’ end

Based on the criticality of the error, we may stop using the editor or appoint a third senior editor to review the work.

Level 3: ISO Management level

we determine the root cause and take steps to ensure the same mistake is not repeated.

A Scientific Approach To Quality

Our superior quality checks are a result of our mathematical and scientific approach to solving problems. In this approach, we evaluate each manuscript’s quality and an editor’s performance through a metric called error free words (EFW). EFW was conceptualized by Enago and presents a rational check on any manuscript.

An EFW score is calculated for every manuscript
EFW score is mapped to the editor who worked on that manuscript
Based on EFW scores of the editor, an editor receives specific feedback from the quality team

The quality team is responsible for monitoring the performance of editors. It is a dedicated team consisting of our most experienced and skilled editors.

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