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Enago provides English language editing services for academic research papers written by non-native English speakers.

We guarantee that your paper will not get rejected on grounds of poorly written English. The average editor has 19.4 years' experience in his or her field, holding PhDs from some of the world’s top universities, including MIT and Harvard. These credentials are a requirement for working with Enago. We never hire students as editors even if they are pursuing advanced academic degrees.

In our editorial work, we have covered well over 1,100 subject areas to date. In our effort to ensure the highest possible quality standards, we guarantee that the editor assigned to you is also an expert on the subject of your paper. If, for instance, your research is in the field of genetics, your editor will be a verified expert in genetics.

We offer 3 different types of editing services, depending on your budget and the degree of editing you want for your paper:

  Language Check Copyediting Substantive Editing
Language Usage Check
100% Language Guarantee
Journal Check
Structural Review
Unmatched Post-editorial Support
  • Unlimited Editor Q&A for 1 year
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And yes, we can handle almost any document format! So please do not hesitate to send your document across.

Simply fill out the quotation form and we will get back to you within 1 hour with an accurate price and delivery time.

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"What are the overall chances of my paper getting published? What could I possibly do to further boost my publication prospects? Are there areas I can improve upon to be a better writer in future?” – The answer to all these questions is our Manuscript Rate Card service (MRC):
  • An editor who works on your manuscript rates it on a scale of 1-5 to indicate how close it is to getting published. The rating parameters include grammar, language, and academic writing style.
  • The expert provides you with valuable tips and suggestions to enhance your manuscript
  • He also recommends useful resources (websites and books) to help you upgrade your writing skills for future

    Normal and Advance MRC



    Available For: Copyediting clients


  • Rating on Language, Grammar and Mechanics and Style
  • English tips
  • Comment on Title
  • Comment on abstract
  • Available For: Substantive Editing clients


    Normal MRC
    • Detailed comments on each portion
    • Analysis on overall paper, content, vocabulary, style and journal format with specific examples
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    MRC is free only under Copyediting (excluding the Economy plan option) and Substantive Editing. To avail MRC, your manuscript should have more than 1000 words